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Nubian from Abka (a.k.a Amka)

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I'm a Nubian from "abka" .."Abka" was! a very small village few kilometers south of Wadi Halfa Town (both village and town inundated by High Dam)...Located on the western bank of the Nile and the 2nd.Cataract. Several small islands were part of 'abka' , some were inhabited. The inhabitants of Abka and the Islands were almost one big extended family with kins and family links and ties extending as far as Debeerah in the North and deep down in the south to the borders of Mahas and Dongola. 'abka' and several other villages from Serra in the north and up to Akasha in the South were forced to relocate, migrate and disperse to escape inundation by the High Dam and lake Nasser. As such the inhabitants are divided between those who were relocated in the new settlement of 'Khasm Elgerba' in East Sudan, or those who insisted to remain next to the "innundated Abka" and re-build again..  

Born in Abka (a.ka. Amka) in 1948 , educated in Kosti , Abka, Gemie (South of Abka),Wadi Halfa ,Wadi Sedna,Atbara and Khartoum. I work as an Architect-Designer & Builder- in Dubai - U.A.E since 1977.. I'm one of the several Nubian Professional with diversified knowledge and experience in Architecture, Construction Management, Architectural Reuse and Remodelling, Landscape and related Civil Works, Information Management, Computing, communication, Tele-commuting, Archaeology, Photography, Freelancing as Computer and connectivity Advisor, Freelancing as Editor in Computer and Connectivity related subjects(in Arabic), Nubian Editor -Lexicorient Encyclopedia, General trading, Computer Hardware and Software Business(I used to run my own computer-business)..Introduced the First Electronic Bulletin Board System -BBS- in U.A.E in 1988 as the first Master System Operator (sysOp) in U.A.E and the first Sudanese and Nubian sysOp...(The First Wildcat! BBS )

My interests are diversified, however reading and computing are major. I enjoy cooking very much if I have time..I can prepare several, Nubian Sudanese,continental recipes ....!

My small Nubian family: I'm married to Samia (from Debeerah ) since 1983 and have three children ( two daughters Maha(B.1985-Art,Design and Multimedia Bachelor Student ),Rasha(B:1987) and a boy Dia'aUddin(B:1993)
I talk Nubian and enjoy Nubian dances and songs.

I'm a member of:
AIA: American Institute of Architects
ASLA: American Society of Landscape Architects
ACI: American Concrete Institute
SARS: Sudanese Archaeology Research Society (British Museum -UK)
NSDC: Nubian Studies and Documentation Center
SAS: Sudanese Architect's Society
SEC: Sudanese Engineering Council (classified as 'consultant')
NYC: New York Academy of Science (1998)
AAAS: American Association for the Advancement of Science(1998)
ASQ: American Society of Quality
IBC: International Biographical Centre
One of the '2000 Outstanding Scholars of the 21st Century

There are hundreds of highly qualified and educated Nubian from Abka and the whole Sudanese Nubian dispersed in the whole world. Professional Engineers, Architects, Medical Staff and Consultants, University teachers and Professors, United Nations Experts and Advisors, Civic Servants, Bankers, Teachers, Journalists, Chefs, High Ranking Army and Police Officers, Industrialists, Artists, Singers.. In each and every aspect of modern life in Sudan you find a Nubian with a noticeable contribution, so I'm not the only educated Nubian but I'm the one from' abka' with a presence on the WWW...

Abubakr Sidahmed