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SOS Save the Nubian

The International Appeal to Rescue Nubia in Egypt and Sudan
The on-going cultural and ethnic cleansing in the Nubian lands
Say No to depopulation of the Nubian lands
Say No to destruction of the Nubian historical sites and wealth by dams.

We, the undersigned Nubians and friends of Nubia in Diaspora, Egypt and Sudan appeal to the international community to come urgently to the rescue of the Nubians inside Egypt and Sudan who are facing a hidden war of ethnic and cultural cleansing and systematic depopulation of Nubians from their ancestral lands and depopulation the area in an attempt to wipe out Nubian culture and heritage.

Both the Egyptian and Sudanese governments work in a concerted manner to dismantle the cohesive Nubian fabric by forcing them to relocate, deprive them from essential and basic services and put obstacles against Nubians so that they abandon their lands voluntarily and migrate to Arabized lands.

Latest development in the Nubian land of Egypt

1. In a letter we got from the famous Egyptian Nubian writer and author, Haggag Addol we were informed that the government of Egypt (GOE) is continuing its discriminatory policies and cultural cleansing tactics by bringing Arabs and non-Nubians to the Nubian lands as it did with the Toshke Valley north of the Aswan High Dam and in the Western Sahara. These policies are meant to displace the Egyptian Nubians completely from their ancestral lands and replacing them with Arabs and non-Nubians.

2. Following the campaign launched by the Nubians, The GOE withdrew its decision to sell in an open auction on September 26th, 2004, about 5,000 hectares in Qustul (Qasr Ibrim) and Adindan area, near the historical site of Abu Simbil and about 30 and 62 kilometers north of Wadi Halfa, in the Sudanese territory. It was believed that in the absence of the poor Nubians, the rich Arabs of Egypt would be the only qualified bidders and buyers and the land would be gone forever to non-Nubians like many other parts of the Nubian land. Nubians are gradually displaced from their ancestral lands and replaced by Arabs who are encroaching into the Nubian lands and subsequently changing the social fabric and demographic structure of the area gradually wiping out a great heritage that outlived the Egyptian history for centuries.

3. The international community has a moral and historical obligation to look into this matter by stopping these conspiracies and wicked policies applied by GOE and GOS to wipe out the Nubian heritage and culture from the map.

Latest developments in the Sudanese Nubian land:

2. The Sudanese Nubians are also facing the dangers of ethnic and cultural cleansing under the Islamist government of Sudan (GOS) which is hostile to non-Arab minorities like the Nubians in the north, Bejas in the east, Fur, Massalit and Zaghawa in the west, the Nubas of the mountains and the southern Sudanese African tribes. GOS, like GOE is waging a secret war against Nubians in the north. Its deliberate policies to de-populate the Nubian lands through the persistent lack of economic and social development and making plans to construct more dams on Nubian land is meant to disrupt the stability of the area and an attempt to change the structure of the Nubian society by forcing Nubians to abandon their ancestral homes. In fact, an attempt to build Kajbar dam in the heartland of Nubia was suspended temporarily when the Nubians protested loudly and sent their outcry abroad to alert the international community to come to their help and stop the plans to construct the dam.

3. GOS is actively working now to construct another dam in Hamadab area (Merowe Dam), which will devastate the Nubian antiquities and historical sites that have yet to be fully excavated.

4. GOS has excluded the Nubians from its national budget and the development plans for several years and helped the Government of Egypt (GOE) in suffocating the Sudanese Nubians by isolating them through systematic disruption of the only means of transportation linking Nubia to Sudan and Egypt. GOS intentionally stopped the railway line services between Khartoum, the capital and Wadi Halfa, the river port on the border with Egypt, which disrupted the steamer line, the only means of transport between Sudan and Egypt inside the Nubian land.

5. Recently, GOS and GOE have signed bilateral agreements (The Four Freedoms Agreements), which give both governments the right to purchase and own lands reciprocally. Accordingly, GOS began to sell Nubian lands inside Sudan to foreign companies totally disregarding the present and future rights of the original historical owners of those lands: the Nubians of Sudan. There are rumors that one of the hidden agendas and secret agreements between the two governments is to relocate millions of Egyptian farmers inside the Nubian Triangle Basin (NTB) which is located between Wadi Halfa, Dongola and Awainat Mountain on the border with Libya.

Conspiracy Against Nubia needs to be averted:

6. The two governments of Egypt and Sudan are working actively to suffocate Nubia and change its identity to an Arabized one. Both regimes adamantly refrained from connecting the two countries by road since their independence in fifties and recently signed the so called the Four Freedoms Agreement which aims at dealing a devastating blow to the Nubians. Instead of connecting the Nubians in Egypt and Sudan by a paved asphalt road between Aswan and Wadi halfa, the two countries decided to make the road across the Sahara Desert and to create a river port in Alabeidiya, south of Abu Hamad deep inside Sudan while neglecting the border river port of Wadi Halfa. Nubians believe that the government of Egypt is standing against connecting the Nubians of Egypt with the Nubians of Sudan in an attempt to stop the flow of tourism into Sudan, which will siphon a sizeable amount of tourism revenue into Sudan.

The need for an international help to rescue Nubia:

7. Nubia, one of the cradles of mankind history and internationally known as one of the richest custodians of the archaeological wealth in the world, is facing a real threat from the fanatic Arabs and Islamists who are working together to enforce their hegemonic policies in the area. Nubians who survived all these conspiracies throughout their history cannot resist this multi-faceted onslaught hidden war alone.

8. Preserving and protecting the Nubian people, the historical creators and custodians of that glorious heritage with all its archaeological wealth, though primarily our responsibility is also an international concern. Thus, the burden of enabling the impoverished marginalized and oppressed Nubians to preserve their heritage by living in peace and prosperity on Nubian lands has to be shared, or even spearheaded, by the civilized nations and international organizations.

9. The international community is hereby alerted to move urgently and stop this economic and cultural genocide and come to the rescue of the Nubians as they did before when 26 nations came to the rescue of the Nubian monuments before the inundation of the Nubian lands by the waters of the High Dam in early sixties.

We, the undersigned, call upon civilized nations, United Nations agencies and international organizations to send fact finding missions to investigate into these matters and find solutions for problems facing Nubians in Egypt and Sudan as well.