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SOS Save the Nubian

Appeal to save Nubia


Overlooking the Nubian Civilization to others,attributing findings of Nubian origin to others, subjecting Nubian to the hardship and unscurity for almost a century (1903 and till now) by inundating their villages and towns, and forcing them to relocate far away from their homeland, as well as inundating Nubian Historical and Archaeological sites does not look like a mere coincidence. This systematic procedure to abolish Nubia and Nubian civilization should be dealt with seriously. The Old Nubian Civilzation which has been accredited as the Greatest African Civilization which had contributed to the formation of humanity and world civilization is not just a normal Nubian internal issue. If the Nubian with their inherited persistence, tolerance and genuity have managed to overcome all those hardships and preserved their identity as one of the most distinguished and active communities in Africa, still they look forward to the free world to contribute and save their endangered Culture and Heritage.

The Nubian Exodus of 1960 was the climax of all Nubian sufferings. The consequences were tragic as they lost a precious part of a homeland rich with World and Human Civilization monuments and remains. The limited Campiagn of the UNESCO on behlaf of the world community then to salvage part of those monuments was higlly regarded by all Nubian .

Now another part of Nubia with a wealth of monuments attributed to Nubian and the World Civilization are the subject of abolishing by inundating. The proposed Kajbar Dam waters shall wipe all these monuments.

A Protest Against Building Kajbar Dam and
An Appeal To Help Save Nubia, my Homeland
Date: Thursday 10th. Sept. 1997
The Government of Sudan
All UN Agencies in Sudan
All Embassies in Khartoum.
All News Agencies.
All Nubian Study Centres and Clubs
Sudanese Environmental Conservation Society
Campaign Director. International Rivers Network,Berkley ,CA 94703 USA.

I am a 62 years old retired Nubian academic, who is still active in
social, political and community affairs despite continued harassment and oppression by the present regime. 1 was shocked yesterday when the mass media announced the signing of a preliminary agreement with a Chinesecompany to begin building Kjabar Dam in the heart of remaining Nubian land in the heart of remaining Nubian Land.

This kind of disaster fell on us before, as this is the fifth time this century (1902, 1911, 1933, and 1963 Those Nubian lands were submerged and the people resettled away from
their ancestral lands. It is a kind of disaster that can never be
retracted in future and must be stopped now or never because this new
inundation threatens our distinct history, language and culture with
extinction, and has spread such sadness and despair that endanger our
very social cohesion.

The insistence of Kajbar Corporation to go ahead with the project
without proper studies, despite the controversy, protest demonstrations and even sporadic non-cooperation, is not an isolated incident. Since its inception in 1995, this project was characterized some peculiar forms of policy implementation tactics that covered the whole of Wadi Halfa Province. These tactics include destruction of the fragile economy in the area, its health and education that drove over 50% of the Nubians out of the area. More significantly, the unprecedented haste and refusal to study the impact of the project scientifically, together with a barrage of misinformation and opposition of the people in the area by the newly widespread security elements expose the ulterior motives behind the dam project. We feel that the real aim is the destruction of Nubian culture by de-populating of the region, reminiscent of the recently revealed Rio Negro massacre prior to the building of Chixoy Dam in Guatemala in the early eighties. The disaster is that the location of this Kajbar dam is the middle of the populated Mahas area, which was the last refuge of Nubians after the fall of their ancient civilization centuries ago. The Mahas region is also internationally recognized as one of the richest regions in the world archaeologically..

Moreover, the plans of the Ministry of Irrigation priorities do not
include Kajbar Dam. There is no comprehensive feasibility study for the project as the meager booklet comprising only eleven double-spaced pages (plus another six pages of IRR calculations) is just a promotional tact. The numerous reservations were expressed by many groups and individuals-including the official popular committee representing the affected areas-concerning the importance of carrying out a proper feasibility study before any decision on the project is taken or any implementation steps begun. All their memoranda and all protests were, and still are, totally ignored by Kajbar Corporation with the approval, or connivance, of the government at the state and federal levels.The loud misinformation about development the dam would bring to the area ring hollow to all experienced ears and is meant to mislead others by empty promises. This area is environmentally fragile with limited arable land, the villages are mostly small and scattered along the river, the estimated power needs of the province are limited and the cost of distributing the electricity to those scattered villages are so high that it is likely to become uneconomical and prohibitively expensive. That is why the Kajbar Corporation transmission lines are going south-a secret that was not revealed to those whose homeland they are drowning!

I believe that, since my parents suffered direct successive inundation by Aswan Dam and I suffered the same loss through the High dam with disastrous results, it is my duty to protect my son's generation from the same fate. Surely, there are numerous ways to provide power and develop our province without submerging any more of it's land, I believe that ' as Nubians, our right to remain on our ancestral homeland is being brutally violated. We do not have the right to organize or hold unfettered public meetings to oppose the project or demand proper, scientific and comprehensive studies by independent consultants.

Your assistance in this endeavor will be of great value and highly
appreciated not only by us, but also by the future unborn generations
for whose sake we are preserving our homeland.

Yours in anticipation,
Suad Ibrahim Ahmed
House 46m 33rd,Ave. AE.