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An overlooked African Civilization:

The splendid Africa with it's wealth of culture, knowledge and resources has played the GREATEST role in the built,formation,culture and life of the most today's civilizations and societies worldwide. If depriving African from their sources, resources and culture has been practiced for centuries, it is high time to stop it.. There was more than one Great African Civilization, the Nubian is the Greatest African Civilization. It has been recently recognized as a rival to the other Great African Civilization of Egypt. Both are African ,one got more publicity (Egyptian) and the second (Nubian ) has been overlooked in favor of the other . Egyptians are not to be blamed for this. They had a great Old Civilization and with their enormous media sources (compared to others) they promoted their own Old Egyptian civilization despite that part of lower Nubia lies in Today's Egypt and some few thousands of Nubian live in Egypt.. Nubian Civilization had been always a rival and a 'bugging' neighbor to the Old Egyptian. So there is no logic to expect Egyptians to promote such a civilization. Add to this that some parties wanted to classify Egypt ethnically as a non-African (non-black) as they didn't like the idea of Black Africa being a first run in all world civilization. It is the role of Sudan which had been the Homeland of the Nubian Civilization to tackle the responsibility of promoting Nubian Civilization. Africans have to contribute positively in promoting one of their greatest civilizations which had been overlooked for centuries. This will help all Africans to prove to the world that they had several great civilizations which had contributed positively to the human culture as a whole.

Nubians are Africans but All Africans are not Nubian:

Nubian are not Cyper-isolated! The way Nubia had dominated the world civilization for centuries as 'The Greatest African Civilization' has encouraged several 'netters' -who admires this Splendid African Culture, as well as these who are proud being African or from African origin (African Disapora)- to establish an Internet presence with 'Nubia' or'Nubian' associated with the names of their Web Sites and homepages...That's Great! and seems to be a kind of recognition to a civilization unjustifiably overlooked for centuries. However most of the authors and webmasters of these sites and pages do not seem to know enough about Nubia or Nubian. All African are not Nubian , but African are Nubian, Egyptian, Exumites,Arabs and several other cultures and ethnical groups coexisting in a very genuine harmony. Nubian is one of these cultures. There are few hundred thousands of Nubian still in the world (in Sudan and Egypt) and they have their own heritage ,music,dances and language . These Nubians are easily recognizable where they live now (Sudan or Egypt).

However the emphasis on one single African Civilization for centuries was not in favor of Africans and the whole world, since there are other great African civilizations who played a noticeable role in human culture. The huge African Continent is a multi-racial land, there are several races with great tribal heritage and culture. Now what we see on the Internet from several webmasters and Homepage authors who try to relate everything African or Black to Nubian only , is another sort of emphasis on a single civilization and overlooking other African civilizations in favor of Nubian..This way we shall be committing the same mistake others did when they overlooked Nubian in favor of Egyptian.. Let scientific approach be our way to promote Nubian and all other African Civilizations and Culture.

The main goal of my Home Page is to provide hyperlinks and pointers to all informative Web and other Resources on Nubia, as well as to shed light on some aspects which are not covered by these links

Promoting this overlooked Nubian Civilization is required based on facts and archaeological findings and not just emotions and excitement. True and reliable information on Nubia and Nubian is what this homepage is looking after.....

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