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Who's Who in Nubia

Dedication, self-devotion to serve the country first then their small community are synonymous to all Sudanese  & Egyptian Nubian. Neither overlooking,relocation and inundation of their homelands , nor their remote locality far a way from the political and administration decision-making center (the capital) would stop them from playing a very active and noticeable role in all life aspects of Sudan. Among them are Politicians,Cabinet Ministers, Adminsitrators, Governers, Senior Civil Serrvants, Teachers, Journalist, Writers, Poets, Police and Army Officers,Lawyers and judges,professionals(Medical & Vet. doctors, Architects, Engineers,Agriculturists), Artist and Singers,  Actors,  Painters, Industrialists, Economists, Entrepreneurs & Businessmen, Caterers.

This page is dedicated to all those great Nubian who physically left our world but remain alive by their outstanding deeds and contribution.

Please, read this first:


"I, Abubakr Sidahmed, the author of these pages take the full responsibility of all data shown here under . Since I live far away from home -for the last two decades-as an expatriate in UAE, I have a very limited access to the different sources of information on Nubian individuals. However I tried hard to compile a more realistic list of distinguished Nubian based mainly on my own recollection and with no prejudice or predilection. I get no personal benefit out of all this , since my main target is the promotion of our Nubian Community, Culture and Heritage. It is evident to me that most if not all of the enlisted had not known me personally or I have never seen them, respectively if a name is skipped or not enlisted that is just because I didn't know or I forgot. Nobody to be blamed but me."

List of Honor

(the late)Ustaz Ibrahim Ahmed 1899-1988: A prominent  Politician with a  very active role in the struggle  for the independence of Sudan , Entrepreneur, Social worker, Educationalist , Engineer by education and practice  , a teacher at Gordon Memorail College,the first Sudanese Deputy to V.Chancellor of  the University of Khartoum ,the first chairman  of the University of Khartoum Senate,member of the Executive Council ( the first Sudanese Parliament), Founder then  President of of  the  Congress (Graduates Congress),Member of Khartoum County Council ,The only Sudanese member of the Technical Education Committe before independence,  Member of the Sudanizing Committe, member of the firsttElection Committe, member of several social, acadameic and national committes before and after independence, the Minsiter of Finance of the  first national Cabinet after Independence ,founder of the first Sudanese Commercial Bank (Al Bank EL Tijarie) .


(the late) Ustaz Mohammed Nor Eddin Haballah: The founder and leader of the main Sudanese Party of Al'ashiqa (The Brothers)-later on this party was divided into two separate parties then unified later on as the current Sudanese National Unity Party which is headed by Alsayed Mohd Osman Al Mirghani- The first Sudanese Minister of Local Government after Independence. Known for his efforts in the campaign for a united Sudan and Egypt before independence.


(the late)Dr. Mohamed Ahmed Ali: Ex-Minister of  Health(1958-1962),  dedicated Medical Doctor , ..( he got the nickname of 'abu fanoos ' i.e 'The man with Lantern' while he was working inSouth Sudan. He used to hold a 'kerosene lantern ' to find his way in the  dark nights of the tropical  Jungles of South Sudan to visit a patient )..He got infected by Small Box while he was leading a campaign to eradicate Small Box in Sudan...


(the late) Ustaz Dawood Abdullatif: Politician,Adminstrator,Intrapreneur..Known for his remarkable role in 'crisis managment' during several 'Sudanese Political and Adminstrative Turmoils' ..Sacrificed his leading Goverment Post as one of the few Sudanese Governers to side his Nubian people cause against  General Aboud Military Dictatorship agreement with Egypt to innundate Wadi halfa and Nubian land. Held differtent ministerial posts during  the first and second Democractic Goverments .


(the late) Abdullah Khalil Awad (1892-1971): Engineer and Army General -   PPllayed the national role of coordinating between Sudanese Army Officers  and the National Movement  to gain independence .Elected member of the  the First Sudanese Parliment after independence. The first Prime Minsiter  in the First Sudanese Cabinet after Independence.


(the late) Nejm Eddin Sherief: "...Nag el Din was a remarkable man, dedicated and conscientious,adhering always to Sudan Antiquities Ordnance as regards the completion of excavations and prompt publication results. He was always generous in his help to foreign expeditions and frequent attended at international conferences. He rendered invaluable service to archaeology in the Sudan and will have an honored place in annals.." -excerpt from an Obituary by Sir L.P.Kirwan - Honorary Secretary SARS-ex-Advisor to Sudan Government (SARS Newsletter No.7- Nov '94)

The outstanding Archaeologist and Nubian Scholar , the Director General of Sudan Museum. An internationally accredited figure. His efforts in preserving the findings of Nubian Monuments saved from inundation by Aswan High Dam as well as his efforts to develop awareness of Nubian Heritage and Culture in Sudan are highly regarded by all Nubian and admired by the whole world


(the late) 'Nazir'(Chief) Zubeir Hamad El-Malik: Mayor and Chief('nazer') of Dongola..A member of Zubair family who maintained the role of Chiefdom (Nazara) in Dongola and to teh Sudanese egyptian border in the  north for several decades until the system of Chiefdom was abolished by Numerie in the 70's of this century..


(the late) Ustaz Mohammad Muttawli Badr: An scholar and writer. His book 'Learn Writing in Nubian" is considered as the first and only published book till now meant to teach how to read and write Nubian, though he used arabic alphabets .


(the late) Ustaz Salih Mahmoud Ismail: The formidable  politician and Minister,The Writer,The Journalist...

(the late) Ustaz Jamal Mohd. Ahmed: A man of diversified knowldge,talents,qualities and abilities . Scholar,Writer, Diplomat,Ex-Minster of Foreign Affairs(Sudan), Fellow of  Harvard University and several local,regional and international accredited Institutions,Founding Member with Dubios, Kuwami Nkrumah and several Pan-Africansist of the EAP(Encyclopedia African Project)-Accra'Ghana'-,Member Arabic Language Academy,Cultural Advisor and Editor . Writer of   "Sali Fo Hammar" ,'Arabs and African' and 'Stories of serra East' "..The bibliography includes Nubian text in translation such as A and W. Kronenberg, Nubishche Marchen(1978). therefore it should also include Stories of Serra East by the late Jamal Mohhaad Ahmed. These stories come from a place of significance...." excerpt from Sudanic Africa 5,1994 - Recent books - The Nubian Language- An annotated Bibliography.


(the late) Khalil Farah: The Singer,Poet. The Pioneer of modern Sudanese Songs. His national songs like 'Azza' had played a great role in the formation and shaping the Sudanese National Songs before and after Independence.


(the late) Ustaz Mohammed Khalil Beteik(wallie allah): Acknowledged administrator and governer .The first Nubian Governor of Khartoum after Independence

(the late) Taha Abu Zeid  Mohamed Ahmed: from  Ad'Dir & Anieiba.. Used to trade between Egypt and Sudan and accused of helping Saltin Pasha to fled but acquitted by Khalifa Abdullah. Appointed by Kitchner as the Head of Sudanese Treasurers (Sai 'aarfa).  Represented  his  people-the Nubians in Egypt(ASwan -Ad'Dir)-  in the Egyptian Parliment for two sessions then at the Senate (Majlis El Shoyookh).. His son  Amir was among the  first graduates  of the  Engineering School of Gordon Memorial Colleage..Severel of his  grandsons  served the Sudan in different  capacities  among them Ali Amir Taha an Enginner who served in Sudan Railways, Mechanical transport Dept and appoineted as  Minsiter during Numerie's Era . Dr. Taha  Amir  is a known acadmeic  and at the time  of  writing this entry (1999) holds the post of Chiraman of Psychology Dept. ,the UAE University in AlAin...

(late) Mohamed Ali Abbas Ahmed Suliman : A Leading Nubian  self-taught  entrepreneur..Known for his  very discreet and careful  handling of his diversified business activities as well as for his keen interest in charitable activities..A very dedicated nubian  who adored his home town Wadi Halfa  where he built a Secondary School and a Mosque.

(the late) Mahjoub Mohammad Ahmed: self-made and self-taught prominent Sudanese Businessman . Founder of several business activities in Modern Sudan (e.g Insurance).

(the late)Sheikh Mohammed Osman Abdu (addin dowe- the old wolf): The Spritual leader of the famous Sufi sect of Burhani's..With followers worldwide (in Egypt,Sudan,Arab Countries,West Europe)


(the late) Sheikh Mahir Ismail (the sheikh of Ballnain Egypt): Well known Islamic Scholar,member of Egyptian Parliament, with followers in Sudan,Egypt and Arab Countries.

(the late) 'Omdah'(Mayor)Mohammad Daoud Hemet
: The Mayor (Omdah) of Degheim..

(the Late)'Omdah' Sheief Daoud:
The Mayor of Wadi Halfa

(the late)Ustaz Ali Ahmed Ali:
The remarkable teacher and headmaster. Known for his dedication to education..

(the late) Ustaz Dahab Abdel Jabir
: A very prominent and dedicated teacher . WIth a High Secondary School named after him for his remarkable  contributions to the education in Wadi Halfa and New halfa .

(the late) Ahmed Kheri Ali (from Mek al'naser - sokot):The Nubian of Will and Endurance:in 1964 when his small village was inundated by Lake Nassers' waters he was in his sixties with a crippled leg(a wound of a bullet from old days). He insisted to remain alone and refused to join the rest from his village to get relocated. Alone at his age with few of his young children he remained seeking shelter on the nearby hills whenever his shacks were inundated by regular floods. Whenever he found a piece of land he used to plant a tree or vegetables for his small family consumption. The area was full of wild animals (mainly wolves) but he managed to let them accept his presence. He started calling his elder sons who used to work in different Sudanese towns and encouraged them to get married and give birth to more children.With his children he planted more trees and built more houses. In less than two decades the land was green again, the population increased so those who left earlier to be relocated started to come back and settle and Ahmed Kheri's New Nubian Kingdom emerged just few kilometers away from the old inundated village...He left this world finally in 1993 after he left behind a living example of inherited Nubian will,endurance and persistence to preserve heritage and land..

(the late) Zaki Mourad: is perhaps the most immenent of nubians of Egypt in recent years. A leader
to a small socialist group in egypt. The majority of its members were non Nubians. He spent ten years of his life as a political prisoner( 1954-1964) despite his support to late president Nasser. Out of the 'Wahat' concenteration camp in 1964, he managed to maintain his objectivity and to rise above his personal pains. He campainged among nubians in Cairo and nuba to gain support for the high Dam projecet. Being active in alleviating his people pains during what could have been a terrible time he symbolised the real unity of egyption working people. Zaki managed to cast one last look on his village Abreem In 1964 before it was engulfed by Nassers lake. Zaki became almost a national figure in egypt during president sadat controversial role. He opposed Sadat continousely and as a result became a regular visitor to prisons. Zaki died in a car accident in December 1979.At the time of his death many of his followers beleived that he was assasinated.That was never proved.
Zaki was a proud Nubians, a great egyption patriot and a real humanisit. Zaki
Survived with three childeren after his wife expired on Feb. 1997.

(the late) Ustaz Mohammed Taufiq Ahmed: The first Sudanese to head the Department of Labor after Independence. A prominent writer,administrator and journalist. Minister in the second democratic government of Al Saddiq AL Mehdi..

(the late )Ahmed Batoul: from  Balana:  To whom  'Nubian House Decorations' was  attributed ..Several consider him as the 'inventor  if mud releif  and originator'  of Nubian House Decorations

(the late)Dr(Phd) Mukhtar Mohamed Khalil Kabara(a.k.a. Mukhtar Khalil Kabara) 1952-199: From Aby Simbel.. Scholar, academic, reseracher, archaeologist, historian ,linguistic and writer... Teacher at Faculty of Archaeology -Cairo Univeristy  Known for his great contributions in verifying  and definition of Nubian Characters.  The writer of  the first  textbook to teach how to write in Nubian Character "How to write Nubian- published by The Nubian Studies and Docs. Centre 1997) and the first Nubian-german Dictionary (Wortech der Nubischen Sprache(Fadidja/Mahas-Dielekt -Piblished by  Schriftstaz Hergestellt bei Raven,s.c., Warszawa)



My Homepage is dedicated to my Nubian parents (my late father)Sidahmed Mohamed Khalil-Abu Digin- 1917-1989) - my mother (Fatima Mohd. Taha Ahmed) without them I should have not been here...

Distinguished Nubians :

The following list is not an absolute comprehensive one that covers all names. The criteria of selection is "How much a Nubian contribute to his Country,Community and Profession?"

"All Nubian working for UN , International Organizations , as well as those Professional Nubian Expatriates dispersed worldwide contributing to the welfare of other nations, all Nubian with distinguished Academic carrier, all Nubian with accredited international presence, all Nubian who served their countries as members of government cabinets(Ministers,Under-Secretaries) as well as Nubian who held Senior Government posts(i.e, Director or Deputy Director Generals) are categorized as accredited distinguished Nubian. If my list skip a name of those it does not mean that name is not legible to be enlisted. The name will be skipped (if any) simply because I forgot or I didn't know.- Abubakr Sidahmed- the author..."

(the late) Mohammed Khalil Gasim: The great Egyptian Nubian writer and poet, who suffered a lot from long term imprisonment for his ideas and political stand against suppression. Well known for his famous story 'alshamandoora' .

(the late) Abdulla Batta: The great Nubian Singer from Egypt. With his songs he gave the Nubian Songs a new dimension and depth. His very short life was dedicated completely to promote Nubia through his songs.

(the late) Ustaz Yusif Sembaj: From el Dir ..A known sociall worker, and pioneer of scoial work in Egypt..The writer of  The Nubian Encyclopedia -ALqamoos el Nobie-(an arabic-nubian-english dictionary) Published by Maktabat El Shorooq of Egypt 1998


(the late) Hasan Arabi:from Argin.  The highly talented Plasterer and Professional decorator .  Extended and developed  the Nubian Mud Reliefs by the  introduction of  new inventions


(the late) Salih Dergham: The first Sudanese Government Clerk after Independence. With a distinguished role as a founder of cooperative associations in Nubia.

(the late) Jelal Farhan: The first Sudanese Nubian to have an street named after him in the Egyptian city of Alexandria due to his distinguished services there.

Ustaza(Mrs.) Suad Ibrahim Ahmed: A leading Sudanese Women Activisit and a founder of the Sudanese Women Association. One of the first Sudanese Women to recieve University and Post Graduate education. Known for her prominent role in the campaign against the Nubian exodus of 1960s, and the opposition to the ruling military junta of General Aboud. Served terms of imprisonment for her political and social activities in support of Sudanese People and Women rights.

Prof. Ph.D. M.I.Abu Saleem: Internationally acknowledged scholar, played a significant role in the developement of Sudanese Archival and Documentation Centre. A visiting professor to several universities worldwide.

Dr(Ph.D.) Mohi Edin Sabir: Acknowledged Scholar,poet,writer,politician. A minister of Education during Numeri'e regime. The Director General of the Arab Organization of Science & Education (the equivalent of UNESCO in the Arab World)

Khidir M Ahmed Ali Sharief  (a.k.a  Khidir El Sherief): from Abka..Self-made entrepreneur  and businessman ..International business broker and agent of several international and regional business groups and industries..

Ustaz Abubakr Osman Mohd. Salih: One of the first Sudanese Diplomats, a prominent Ambassador,Scholar,Politician and Cabinet Minister (Numerie Government ).

Ustaz Ibrahim Taha Ayoub: One of the prominent Sudanese Diplomats, Ambassador to many African and European countries.The first Nubian to hold the portfolio of Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the transitional government after the Sudanese Uprise to end Numerie Military regime in 1984. Chief of Administration ,IFAD (UN-Rome)

Ustaz  Awad Abdel-Magied Abu-Reish: A prominnet and internationally accredited Sudanese Economist ,Banker and Bussinessman. The Minister of Finance and Economic Planning (without pay)of the Intifada(Uprise) Government following the toppling of Numerie and his regime in 1985. The first Nubian Governer of Sudan central Bank. The only Nubian to hold the post of Asst. Manager of Barclays Bank of London .

Prof.(PhD)Ahmed EL Tigani Sidahmed: An internationally accredited  reasearch Scientist, academic and scholar. ex-Officer of FAO (Rome) and currently Technical Advisor of IFAD(International Fund for Agric; Development) Rome..


Professor  Hamza el-edin (Hamaza Ala'a Eldin): The  eminent and internationally  proclaimed Nubian  Artist ,Muscian ,Vocalist,Composer,Maestro,  Singer,Poet,and writer .  Shared the stage with several of the most prominent singers and composers  of the world .With  a professorship and master degree in Ethnomusicology.  Holds also a degree in Electrical Engineering.
Visiting Professor andLecturer in Ethnoimuscals, 'oud', Nubian Songs and Heritage at  several Universities worldwide His  solo recordings are available on CD's of Elektra/Noneseuch/Rykodisc/Walk/Vanguard records.. Composed musics for several arabic and international films.
"..it would be easy to envision the development of an audience cult around Hamza El din, a Nubian singer and instrumentalist from Sudan'  The New York Times 1965
"..Music doesn't get much starker than the songs of Hamza el-din,the Nubian muscian..." The New York Times 1989
"...there are numerous collections such as the Dungulawi songs recorded by Artur Simon of Berlin, or the recordings by Hamza al-din" Sudanic AFrica 5, 1994


Ustaz Mohammed Osman Wardi: Five decades of creativity and endurance to adapt and to resist suppression and exile. The most famous Sudanese and Nubian Singer,Composer,Poet and Politician. An school teacher who carved his way to the helm of modern Sudanese and Nubian singers. Imprisoned several times and left to self-exile for years because of his progressive political ideas and stand. Nowadays live in UK as a refugee. His admirers are all the Sudanese nation ,Sudanese and Egyptian Nubians, several African Nations...

"..not to mention the vast repertoire of Muhammad Wardi..." The Nubian Language -An annotated Bibliography- by Angelika Jakobi and Tanji Kummerle

(the late) Prof.(Ph.D.). Ustaz Omer Mohammed Osman: The first Nubian to hold the post of Vice-Chancellor of the main and higher Sudanese Educational Institute(University of Khartoum) during a very difficult period of political unrest and turbulence characterized by students riots against the ruling government.The first Sudanese to share the responsibility of leading the African Arab Bank. An scholar, economist,university professor and financial and economical consultant ,advisor to several local and international organizations. The president of  the Nubian (Sokot and Mahas Benevolent ) Society..Known for his tireless efforts to develope his homeland (Nubia)...

Dr.(medicine) Mohammed Shereif Dauod: The first Sudanese and Nubian Ophthalmologist. Advisor to the WHO.

(the late) Ustaz Abdu Dahab Hassanien: A known Sudanese businessman. A founder of the Egyptian National Democratic Liberation Front (Hadto)- later known as the Egyptian Communist Party-in the early forties of this century. International figure.


Ustaz Mohammed Osman Mohamed Ahmed (aka Farkawie): A professional academic and teacher..Known for his research work in  documenting the lineage and family tree of one  the largest Nubian  families (the Waliyab) ..the author of  'Al Waliyab and their descendents'alwaliyab wa ansabohom 1994


(the late) Sayed Mohammad Osman Abdul Rahman: The elected representative of Wadi Halfa and New Halfa in all national assemblies and parliments for over 3 decades

Dr.(Medical) Abdel Gadir Ahmed Ali Shallabie: A prominent  Community Medicine  Consultant ..Headed Al Ain Community and Preventive Medicine Dept. (UAE) for almost two decades..
A Nubian writer, poet and reaseracher involved in diversified cultural, charitabl and historical Nubian activities

Staff Major General(rtd) Abdullatif Dahab: The first Nubian to reach the rank of Staff Major General in the Sudanese Army. ex- Ambassador. The leader of the UN Sudanese Regiment in the Congo Civil War(1960) . The leader of the Arab League Sudanese Regiment in Lebanon(1970).

Ustaz Kamal Ibrahim Ahmed:  Prominent entrepreneur, banker and businessman..Known for his role and contributions  as an active participant and caretaker of teh Nubian Studies and Documentation Centre

Dr.(Medicine) Magda Mohd Ahmed Ali:  A Pediatrician by profession. A known Sudanese feminist, NGO and Social Worker.Known for her active contributions in several Nubian charitable and benevolence activities.


(the late) Dr (Phd) Mutawakil Ahmed Ameen: An acdemic and Scholar... Writer of 'AL Noba - Alturath wa elansab abr El gorron'


Ustaz. Abdulla M. Sabbar: The prominent Sudanese Architect accredited for his role as a pioneer Sudanese consulting architect and Urban planner. The first Sudanese and Nubian to be enlisted in Marquis "Who's Who in the World'' as distinguished architect and planner. Internationally known through his work as a consulting architect with a chain of offices in most of the Arab Countries.

Ustaz Mohammed Elfatih Sidahmed: Nationally and internationally acknowledged reporter and journalist. Correspondance of Reuter in Sudan in the 70th and 80th. Represents several international News Agencies ( e.g.ANSA -Italian News Agency)and Newspapers (e.g. Daily Telegraph) in Sudan . The former D.Director General of SUNA (Sudan News Agency). Present Chief Bureau of the UAE Al Ittihad (the Official Newspaper of the U.A.E.) in Sudan.

Ustaz Abdel Mageed Ali Hasant: An acadameic (Scientist and University teacher) who became a career diplomat.. Represented Sudan as Ambassador and Envoy internationally. Headed the 'African  and Arab Dept') of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs during  the 80th.

Sea  Captain  Hasan Ali Sharif: 1st. nubian  Master Mariner(U.K.) 1st. Certified Nubian To Sudanize British pilots in Port Sudan1967. 1st. Nubain and Arab to hold the General Manager's slot within ADNOC Group UAE (1982-1997)-The main United Arab  Emirates Group of Petroleum and Oil Companies -. A member of  several  international maritime institutions.

(Sheikh) Mohamed Uthman Abdu: (Sheikh) Mohamed Uthman Abdu (Al Burhani) born in wadi Halfa(Dhegiem South and now village 19 in the relocated Nubian villages East of Sudan) at the beginning of last century and died in Khartoum (Sudan) in 1983.The leader of one of the major Islamic Religous sufi orders (Tariqa) in Sudan and Egypt i.e. Tariqa Burhaniya Disuqiya Shadhuliya-founded by Sayyid Ibrahim Qurashi Al Disugi in the 12th century A.D. . Nicknamed by Nubian as "adden Doee" (in Nubian language means the "Old Wolf/Hyena")..Known as very articulate , knowledgeable , charismatic ,convincing, capable scholar ,poet , writer ,very modest and socialble leader..During his leadershiup of the Burhaniya Sufi Order the number of folowers exceeded several millions worldwide and the order " Tariqa" found it's way to Europe, North America and Asia.. He was well versed in Islamic Studies and jurisprudence(Fiqih) ..The majority of his followers come from the educated midlle class of Technocrats and governemnt officials both in Sudan and Egypt..He has been succeeded as the leader of the Burhaniya order by his elder son Sheikh Ibrahim ...

Salih Mohamed Ahmed (Faqir): Salih Mohamed Ahmed (Faqir) born in Wadi halfa .The first Sudanese with a degree in ELectrical Engineering as well the first sudanese and one of the first few African to get the membership of the Royal Institutre of ELectrical Engineers (UK).Contributed over 2 decades to manage, run and maintain the electrical power supplies and plants in different areas of Sudan . In addition to another 2 decades in Dubai (UAE) as he senior transmission engineer /quality and maintenance manager of one of the largest Electrical Power Networks in the Region (The Dubai ELectricty Company -Now DEWA)

Ussama Daoud Abdel Latif :Ussama Daoud Abdel Latif from Wadi Halfa..The leader, owner and partner of one of the most successful and largest family bussiness in Sudan and Africa..An entrepreneur who blended his business talents with education , innovation, technology and dedication to his work ..

Dr.Mohamed Hussein Salih Daoud: From Wadi Halfa (Deghiem Waliyab Erkie ) -1945- . A pharmacist by profession . Hard working, self-made entrepreneur and woner of a successful Chemical Industry business.